The Team

Il team internazionale di KEVIN.MURPHY è conosciuto per il lavoro che svolge nella formazione e nell'affiancamento e come gruppo di trend-setter e artisti dedicati al mondo delle passerelle e dell'editoria. Abbiamo creato un team di artisti talentuosi e creativi provenienti da tutto il mondo, grazie ai quali offriamo programmi di formazione in grado di fornire ispirazione e arricchire le competenze a tutti i livelli. Incontra l'uomo e i MASTER che costituiscono il mondo internazionale di KEVIN.MURPHY.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Kevin è considerato uno degli hair-stylist più rispettati e richiesti al mondo ed è stato in prima linea nel modo della moda, delle sfilate, dell'editoria e del cinema per oltre vent'anni, in Australia e all'estero. Il suo lavoro è apparso sulle copertine delle più importanti riviste internazionali ed è stato coordinatore dei team di tantissime case di moda di profilo elevato in tutto il mondo.

L'hair stylist, nato a Melbourne, ha iniziato il suo apprendistato in un piccolo salone del Queensland, prima di formarsi presso la leggendaria Vidal Sasson Academy di Londra. Al suo ritorno in Australia, Kevin ha proseguito la carriera affermandosi come uno degli stylist più richiesti del paese. Collaboratore regolare di Vogue Australia, si è ritagliato una nicchia tutta sua studiando il cosiddetto look "capelli effetto mare" e nel 2007 ha ricevuto l'Australian Masters Award agli AHFAS, per il suo eccezionale contributo all'affermazione dell'hair styling australiano nel mondo.

Personaggio di caratura internazionale che ha lavorato con fotografi di moda del calibro di Patrick Demarchelier, Robert Erdman e Richard Bailey, ha creato stili per le edizioni internazionali di Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Rush, GQ e altre ancora.

Ha lavorato con luminari del cinema come Baz Luhrmann sul set del leggendario film Moulin Rouge e l'elenco delle star sue clienti comprende Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Selma Blair, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Claudia Karvan, Enrique Iglesias, Vanessa Hudgens, Heidi Klum, Rose Byrne, Miranda Kerr, Catherine McNeil, Jessica Hart e Abby Lee.

Kevin Murphy è fra le figure di spicco del settore, a cui dedica tutto il suo impegno e la sua passione. Grazie alla sua capacità di dettare tendenza con stili assolutamente innovativi e ai prodotti rivoluzionari attenti alla cura dei capelli quanto alla tutela dell'ambiente, Kevin è riconosciuto dai suoi colleghi come un visionario del suo settore.

Nathan Gorman

Nathan Gorman HEAD.MASTER

Nel corso della carriera, Nathan ha lavorato in diversi continenti, nel campo delle sfilate e campagne pubblicitarie globali, per molti clienti internazionali fra cui Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel e Vogue.

Nathan fa parte da nove anni del team di KEVIN.MURPHY, di cui condivide i principi e i valori fondamentali di prestazioni e credibilità ambientale. La sua vision è incentrata sulla moda ed è un leader nel campo della formazione.

Svolge con passione il ruolo di educatore per KEVIN.MURPHY, garantendo altissimi livelli nella qualità, creatività e comprensione del prodotto. Grazie a ciò, è diventato HEAD.MASTER e collabora con i team creativi, di marketing e di formazione di KEVIN.MURPHY, fornendo ispirazione e approfondimenti in tutti gli aspetti della formazione.

Wade Blackford


Based in Australia and with over twenty years’ experience in the hair industry, Wade has mentored and nurtured numerous up-and-coming stylists, and has directed a host of Australian Fashion Week events. He is also the founder of the popular online Mirrorbox Project.

As a KEVIN.MURPHY DESIGN.DIRECTOR for styling, and the primary educator for Asia/Pacific, Wade has a well-documented passion for the art of hair and is committed to delivering ground-breaking education while promoting the brand. He also works closely with Kevin and the KEVIN.MURPHY creative team to style the new seasons’ looks in our global campaigns.

During his tenure with KEVIN.MURPHY, Wade has had the honour of directing numerous runway events, such as Melbourne Fashion Week, Australian Fashion Week, and Taiwan Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. He has also created countless editorial images and has been recognised for his achievements by his peers.

Kate Reid


Australian colour expert, Kate Reid, has been at the forefront of professional hair care for more than 22 years. Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2018 Winner for Excellence in Education, Reid is a driving force in education strategy, digital and live content, as well as industry sustainability.

Her illustrious career has seen her travel across the globe to more than 25 countries presenting shows and workshops to audiences of 2,500+, imparting knowledge and skills with her unique style and flare. With a wealth of industry experience, she has directed and worked with colour teams including Wella, Sebastian Professional and P&G Professional. Kate has also served as lead advisor for Trend Vision, mentoring the team for international competitions in Milan, Paris, New York, Barcelona and Madrid, and has received numerous awards including P&G Global Educator of the Year, and was placed on the Global Influence Future Team.

In constant demand for editorial, Kate has contributed to leading publications including, Marie Claire, Vogue, New Beauty, InStyle, Cream Mag, Estetica, Beauty Launchpad, Shop Til You Drop, Woman’s Health, New Beauty, The Colorist and Salon Magazine amongst others. She is now a regular trend commentator in fashion and beauty media with a global audience.

Reid joined KEVIN.MURPHY in 2014, bringing her colour expertise, creativity and style into the role of global DESIGN.DIRECTOR of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, where she worked on the development and preparation of the brand, and executed its highly successful launch into North America and now is one of the fastest growing colour brands globally. Kate has worked alongside Kevin Murphy to direct colour for the brand’s annual campaigns as well as editorial shoots. In 2016, Kate was appointed to the role of Design Director where she oversees the creative direction for COLOR.ME.

Pascal van Loenhout


An internationally acclaimed hair stylist, salon owner and global creative director, Pascal has travelled the world sharing his signature cutting style on iconic stages from the Royal Albert Hall to Milan, Cape Town and Las Vegas.

Originally inspired by the global exposure of British hairdressing in the 90s, Pascal grasped the opportunity to be part of a new movement turning hairdressing into an art form, and duly established himself at the forefront of international education.

His eponymous salon, Hair by Van Loenhout, opened in 2007 in the heart of Antwerp, a boutique salon and academy introducing bespoke hairdressing to an ever-growing clientele. Fueled by endless passion and creativity, Pascal believes that through sharing individual knowledge and strengths, stylists can grow and unite as a team, and this in turn lifts everyone’s creativity.

Appointed as a DESIGN.DIRECTOR for KEVIN.MURPHY in 2014, Pascal is committed to sharing his creativity and delivering world-class education. From stylists through to clients he aims to inspire creativity, and to help them expand upon their personal style.

Nord America

Tim Abney


Based in Arizona, Tim has been part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team since 2008, and now as Global Director of Education Development for the brand, he has created a strong culture of leadership in education.

Having mentored hundreds of educators during his tenure, Tim uses his drive for success in education to move the team higher each year. With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, Tim has had the opportunity to attend exclusive fashion events for the brand around the globe and lends his talents to show production each year for the KEVIN.MURPHY brand.

As the Global Director of Education Development, Tim harnesses his skills to create a solid education structure of learning and support to the team. He has a keen eye for detail and works alongside the DESIGN.DIRECTORS to deliver ground-breaking education worldwide.

Without doubt, Tim is a teacher at heart, and looks for every opportunity to share his skill set with others in this incredible industry.

Nic Lange


Native New Yorker, Nic brings over a decade of experience to the team and has built a notable runway career backstage at Fashion Week events across the US. His work has been featured on numerous campaigns and editorials, and as part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team he has travelled to Europe for international fashion weeks events.

Education has always been at the forefront of Nic’s career – alongside his natural curiosity to understand everything about colour and how the colour process affects the hair. His dedication to the craft saw him awarded Membership to the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists, a prestigious honour that, at the time, had been bestowed on fewer than 1,500 stylists in North America.

In 2013 Nic became part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team, and in early 2015, shortly after relocating to Southern California, transitioned from the role of PLATINUM.KEY into the role of COLOR.MASTER. Nick is passionate about COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY and feels that the brand’s philosophy aligns perfectly with his own personal values.


David si è fatto conoscere come uno dei parrucchieri più affidabili e di talento del settore e ha collaborato con moltissimi fotografi di fama mondiale, fra cui Tesh, Diego Uchitel, Douglas Friedman, Raymond Meier e alti ancora.

La sua capacità di andare oltre le aspettative gli ha permesso di collaborare a campagne pubblicitarie a livello nazionale e di comparire spesso con il suo lavoro sulle copertine delle riviste più prestigiose. David partecipa regolarmente alla Fashion Week e, nel corso degli anni, ha lavorato con molti noti designer, dirigendo, nell'ambito di collaborazioni recenti, i team di parrucchieri sia per Valentina Kova che Adam Lippes.

La sua clientela da red carpet sembra presa dall'elenco delle celebrità di Hollywood: Hilary Duff, Victoria Justice, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Emily Deschanel, Zooey Deschanel, Hayden Panettiere, Ashton Kutcher, Rose Byrne, Amy Smart, Amber Tamblyn, Katrina Boden e molti altri. Continuamente alla ricerca di nuovi, entusiasmanti progetti, David è bravissimo nel suo mestiere e si considera un privilegiato a poter fare ciò che davvero ama.

Alexandra Batista


Convinta sostenitrice dell'importanza della formazione e appassionata di tutto ciò che riguarda i capelli, Ali è entrata nel team di KEVIN.MURPHY nel 2009 come KEY Educator, abbandonando il lavoro di negozio e intraprendendo la carriera di istruttrice. In breve tempo è stata promossa al ruolo di Education Sales Manager e infine alla posizione attuale di STYLE.MASTER di KEVIN.MURPHY.

È convinta che tutti i parrucchieri possano migliorare nel loro mestiere, percorrendo un nuovo cammino e lasciandosi ispirare per ottenere successo. L'impegno di Ali si divide fra salone, dove garantisce al cliente un'esperienza di qualità, dimostrazioni dal vivo a Taiwan e lavoro dietro le quinte alle Fashion Week di New York e Melbourne. In questo modo è sempre pronta cogliere le infinite opportunità di progredire nella sua carriera, tenendo viva la fiamma della sua passione per il mondo dei capelli e l'insegnamento.

Ali ha una spiccata capacità di coinvolgere il pubblico e condividere con piacere il suo talento con numerosissimi stylist in tutto il paese. Consapevole che questa è la sua strada, adora ogni istante del suo viaggio con KEVIN.MURPHY.

Courtney Cochran

Courtney Cochran COLOR.MASTER

With a passion for creating beautiful natural hair colour, Courtney has gained a wealth of experience throughout her seventeen-year career and has made education her focus for the past 10 years.

A trained colourist and cutter, she joined the KEVIN.MURPHY styling team as a GOLD.KEY in 2013 and moved into an educational role with COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, quickly becoming a valued member of the team.

Alongside her colour work for the brand, Courtney has also created looks backstage for multiple runway shows – she has joined the KEVIN.MURPHY team on international fashion week shows, and her editorial work has been featured in numerous online and print publications.

Mark Clayton


Mark educated salons, stylists, and distributors in over 30 countries on current hair trends. Traveling and educating North America has brought along with it a fresh perspective for the future of his career and his life. In late 2015, Mark fell in love with the KEVIN.MURPHY brand and saw a unique opportunity to tie his years of experience directly to the fashion focused DNA that is KEVIN.MURPHY.

This would become the perfect marriage between Mark’s performance in the precision aspect of the beauty industry and the freestyle, fashion forward aspect of everything that KEVIN.MURPHY brings to the table.

Mark has now joined KEVIN.MURPHY so that he can combine his experience and passion to help lead the cutting focus of the company to new heights. His solid mix of dedication, passion and charisma as well as his strong desire to grow every stylist forward makes Mark the perfect addition to the KEVIN.MURPHY team.

Jodana Geary


With over twenty years’ industry experience Jodana’s love of colour started in art school and took her on a journey that led her to train with Keune, Matrix, Redken and Wella. She then relocated to London where she worked alongside the city’s top stylists and colour technicians, adding mentoring and training of up-and-coming stylists to her skill set.

Returning to Australia, she worked as an academy educator in Melbourne where she developed the curriculum and mentored both educators and students alike. From Melbourne, Jodana moved to Denver and started her journey with KEVIN.MURPHY in 2013 as a GOLD.KEY, and soon after transitioned to her current role as a member of the COLOR.ME team.

Joseph Gossen


A STYLE.MASTER for 8 years, and now in the role of Global Digital Education Manager for KEVIN.MURPHY, Joseph utilises the wealth of knowledge he has gained over his 30+ years in the industry to take KEVIN.MURPHY education to the next level.

Having worked across all facets of the industry including Film, TV, Music, Editorial and Fashion, as well owning an award-winning salon, Joseph has a unique perspective into how trends will be set throughout the industry year-on-year, and as an educator he is driven to inspire and mentor stylists of all ages to reconnect with the art of dressing hair.

Sarah Lund


North American based STYLE.MASTER Sarah has nearly fifteen years’ beauty industry experience under her belt. An advocate for quality education, she is continually building and refining her technical skills and knowledge and has had the opportunity to train and work with a variety of leading US salons, giving her a wealth of industry knowledge to share.

Her work ranges from editorial shoots for magazines, to creative planning and show execution, Sarah is comfortable on-set and backstage at fashion weeks. She is also passionate about new and emerging technology and has developed ground-breaking web-based education programs alongside creating features and advertising for industry blogs.

A committed educator and mentor, Sarah loves to share her inspiration and creativity as a STYLE.MASTER for the KEVIN.MURPHY brand. Joining the team in 2007 was a career defining moment, and one that gave her the ability to explore her own creativity while being part of a company that she loves.

Tim McClean


Australian born CUTTING and STYLE.MASTER, Tim McClean trained under the creative forces of Melbourne’s top salons, learning classic cutting and styling techniques before moving overseas to North America.

Tim’s notable career has taken him behind-the-scenes at numerous fashion shows in North America, Australia and the UK, and he has also worked on countless editorial shoots, delivered education programs to numerous salons, alongside being a highly respected platform artist.

As an educator in classic and creative cutting, Tim deems the KEVIN.MURPHY CURVED.SCISSOR as ‘the next exciting step to evolve your freeform and precision techniques’ and is a passionate advocate for the brand. Now based in British Columbia, Canada, Tim has perfected his approach to cutting and loves to share his knowledge with his clients’ enabling them to recreate looks from the runway into real life, which provides them with a truly memorable salon experience.

Marsha Moran


Marsha has always loved the concept of fusing session styling, fashion and hair colour to create an everlasting image, a vision she shares with COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. The high-performance COLOR.ME product range provides her with endless creativity and has given her the tools to create many bohemian blondes and passionate redheads.

She has worked backstage on numerous New York and New Zealand Fashion Week events, as well as countless runway shows and photo shoots. Marsha is dedicated to her professional growth as an educator and believes that embracing new skills is key to success is always looking for new avenues of inspiration and growth. Before coming to COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY Marsha trained and worked with the Vidal Sassoon team.

Leland Olson


With over a decade’s experience in the beauty industry, Leland has worked alongside some of Canada’s leading stylists and colourists. A talented colourist and educator, he joined Aveda in 2009 where he pursued his journey to mentor, inspire and educate, and has continued to expand upon his skill-set ever since.

His love of high-performance colour, alongside the ability to create endless possibilities with a compact colour range, led Leland to join the COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY team as a GOLD.KEY in 2015, and his commitment to the brand alongside his passion for education led him into his current role of COLOR.MASTER.

Leland’s approach to colouring hair is inspired by designer influences – a certain fabric, a bold statement shade or colour-way are where he finds his inspiration – he then translates these trends into ‘wearable art’ that allows his clients to fully express their individuality and style.

Jan Patanao


Jan has more than a decade of experience within the hair industry – having moved into education in 2009, she has trained with and been mentored by some of the industry’s leading colourists.

As a COLOR.MASTER she believes that continuing education is the way to stay current with trends and techniques, and her aim is to not only teach technical skills, but to equip hairdressers with the skills necessary to network effectively throughout the industry – paving the way for long, successful careers.

Driven by her love of fashion, beauty, and creating colour in a sustainable way, her work has been featured on-stage at various live shows including EC3 Quebec, Come As You Are Toronto, and FUTURE.LOVE Las Vegas – she has also recently worked backstage as part of the team led by SESSION.MASTER, Massimo Morello for Tallinn Fashion week.

Shelly Wilson

Shelly Wilson COLOR.MASTER

A salon owner from Chicago, Shelly has held leadership roles within the beauty industry for over a decade. Her years in the industry have given her a deep understanding of what is most important to stylists – and providing a positive and inspiring environment for her co-stylists has always been her top priority.

Inspired by how fashion and style influence the world around us, Shelly shares her love of fashion with other stylists, and by delivering education she has the ability to connect and motivate her fellow colourists, while creating a space for shared growth.

She has worked with the KEVIN.MURPHY team on events including, SHOOT.ME Chicago, FUTURE.LOVE and FASHION.WEEK and with her personal connection to the core principles of the brand, alongside the endless possibilities that COLOR.ME offers, Shelly is excited for all that is to come in her role as a COLOR.MASTER.

Topher Lewis


With a career spanning more than two decades, Topher Lewis is a dynamic force in the worlds of hair colour and editorial hair. His work has been seen alongside notable celebrity stylists, red carpets and editorial shoots, and has allowed him diverse industry experience, while always keeping Topher relevant in current trends and knowing what’s “in-style.”

Topher is a teacher at heart! He enjoys utilising his knowledge and experience to translate techniques learned on set into practical applications that can be used behind the chair. His path to education began with Davines in 2010, and he has always seen himself as the student. With this perspective of learning to teach, Topher is able to passionately share each lesson learned with every hairdresser.

Topher joined the KEVIN.MURPHY team in 2018, which he claims has been the easiest and most exciting decision of his career. He looks forward to creating with COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY so that he can inspire teams across North America on every aspect of this phenomenal brand!


Massimo Morello

Massimo Morello SESSION.MASTER

Nato in Italia, nella bellissima Venezia, Massimo è l'erede di tre generazioni di parrucchieri italiani e negli ultimi due decenni si è impegnato a perfezionare la sua arte.

Trasferitosi dall'Italia all'Australia, Massimo ha gestito per diversi anni un salone di parrucchieri di grande successo, prima di legarsi completamente a KEVIN.MURPHY. La sua intenzione di diventare formatore per il brand è emersa sin dall'inizio e, nel 2012, dopo l'enorme successo ottenuto come GOLD.KEY, è diventato il primo STYLE.MASTER europeo.

In his current role as a SESSION.MASTER, Massimo has launched the brand in Taiwan, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Poland, Italy, Cyprus and Greece. He is also in demand as a hair director for events such as the Elite Model Look World Final. Massimo translates his global backstage experiences into experiential workshops as part of the KEVIN.MURPHY education program in Europe, showing and teaching stylists how to push themselves to achieve more than they could ever imagine. Living his dream, Massimo travels the world inspiring and educating stylists as well as working on international fashion shows.

Marianne Jensen SESSION.MASTER

Marianne Jensen è un'artista del capello coinvolta nel mondo della moda e della bellezza da oltre 25 anni, ma che non guarda mai al passato. Il risultato? Ha vinto il titolo di Hair Artist of the Year agli ELLE STYLE AWARDS nel 2015 e ha da poco lanciato un'app che aiuta l'utente ad avare capelli fantastici.

Marianne Jensen è una delle hairstylist di maggior successo nel settore della moda internazionale e danese.

Nata in una piccola isola del Sud della Danimarca, Marianne ha iniziato come parrucchiera aprendo il proprio negozio, per poi trascorrere tre anni a New York. Per i primi 15 anni ha lavorato come hairstylist, mantenendo come base la Danimarca e, assieme al team di KEVIN.MURPHY, girando il mondo sia nelle vesti di hairstylist che di session stylist.

Marianne Jensen è apprezzata per la passione e l'approccio creativo che imprime al suo mestiere, senza trascurare l'elevato livello di professionalità tecnica sempre attenta alle ultime tendenze.

Marianne Jensen è un nome noto per le riviste di moda danesi e internazionali come Elle, Eurowoman e Vogue. Inoltre la si può trovare spesso nei backstage della Copenhagen Fashion Week, o impegnata in qualche shooting delle campagne di moda danesi. A tutto questo, Marianne affianca la collaborazione con alcune delle personalità di maggior spicco del settore, fra cui Erin Wasson, Antonio Banderas, Helena Christensen, Amber Valletta e Justin Bieber.

Nell'arco della sua lunga carriera, Marianne ha accumulato una vasta esperienza nel mondo dei capelli, e quando si tratta di creatività non si pone limiti. Dal 2016 fa parte del comitato dei Danish Beauty Awards.


Originario della Nuova Zelanda, Craig lavora nel mondo della moda e della bellezza da oltre 27 anni con risultati incredibili. Ha messo a frutto la propria creatività e le proprie conoscenze professionali lavorando nei team dei migliori saloni neozelandesi, pubblicando numerosissimi editoriali e partecipando a eventi delle Fashion Week.

Sempre apprezzatissimo dai colleghi, è stato premiato con il New Zealand L’Oreal Supreme Hairdresser of the Year Award nel 2002, seguito dall'Expo New Zealand Hairdresser Award, riconoscimento che gli ha permesso di affermarsi fra i principali formatori del settore. Per quindici anni è stato fra i protagonisti del mondo della moda in Nuova Zelanda e nei backstage delle Fashion Week nel suo paese, a Sydney e Londra. Attualmente Craig risiede a Praga, dove ha spesso l'incarico di direttore della Prague Fashion Week.

La formazione è stata sempre parte integrante dell'impronta che Craig intende lasciare nel settore, condividendo con passione le conoscenze acquisite nel corso della sua carriera. Ora che Craig risiede in Europa, il suo lavoro appare con regolarità su riviste come Elle e Marie Claire e, come SESSION.MASTER europeo per KEVIN.MURPHY, lavora fianco a fianco con Kevin e il team creativo di grande talento di KEVIN.MURPHY in occasione di show, eventi e campagne globali.

Camilla Jönsson

Camilla Jönsson GUEST.ARTIST

Con una irremovibile passione per le acconciature, la moda, l'arte, il makeup e le persone, Camilla ha girato il mondo come SESSION.MASTER, lavorando in occasione di sfilate e servizi fotografici, oltre che nel campo della formazione. Dal 2010 è Nordic Educator Manager è ha collaborato con team creativi internazionali di spicco, forgiando la sua carriera di stimata session stylist e makeup artist; le sono stati affidati importanti incarichi nel campo della pubblicità e dell'editoria, che l'hanno portata a trasferirsi a Città del Capo per ampliare la sua carriera e scoprire nuove opportunità.

Premiata per il suo lavoro, nel 2010, ha vinto in Svezia l'“Hairdresser of the Year” e l'“Avant Garde of the Year”, due importantissimi riconoscimenti, ottenendo ripetutamente nel corso degli anni nomination e premi nel settore.

La seconda grande passione di Camilla, autentica filantropa, sono gli animali, che la motivano a partecipare a un progetto benefico per aiutare gli amici a quattro zampe e l'ambiente, sensibilizzando il pubblico sulla questione delle specie in estinzione. Il suo impegno nei confronti del pianeta è in linea con i valori alla base del marchio KEVIN.MURPHY e Camilla è orgogliosa di far parte di un'azienda attenta alla tutela dell'ambiente.

James Nicholson

James Nicholson SESSION.MASTER e COLOR.ME Education Manager

Forza creativa travolgente, James possiede qualcosa di unico e speciale che lo rende prezioso agli occhi dei clienti di qualsiasi estrazione sociale. L'ispirazione che James offre al settore è illimitata, tanto all'interno di uno studio, quanto nei corsi, durante la creazione di look da passerella e nei servizi fotografici.

James è originario di Bristol, nel Regno Unito, e si è formato in Australia, per poi plasmare e affinare la sua estetica all'estero, da Tokyo a New York, fino a Los Angeles, prima di fermarsi definitivamente a Londra, dove vanta un'affezionatissima clientela fra privati e realtà commerciali.

Per dirla con le sue stesse parole, "Offro un hairdressing attento, basato sulla comunicazione sincera e su competenze radicate nell'esperienza. Sono stato descritto come "il parrucchiere delle persone più eccentriche e detestabili". Il mio nomadismo nella vita lavorativa è ciò da cui traggo ispirazione: lungo il percorso intreccio rapporti umani in una rete creativa collegata ai settori dell'arte, della moda e dello spettacolo".

Il viaggio di James alla scoperta di se stesso è durato 30 anni e l'ha portato ad essere l'artista e il mentore sensazionale che è oggi. Il suo lavoro è apparso in numerose pubblicazioni locali e internazionali, fra cui Vogue USVogue UKVogue Australia, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, e Russh & Oyster, e sulle passerelle di tutto il mondo. Autentico artigiano della professione, James è specializzato in linee dal carattere forte e deciso e nelle texture che prendono forma con naturalezza. Le sue creazioni riflettono costantemente l'estetica e la filosofia di KEVIN.MURPHY.


Juha-MattI Manninen

Juha-Matti Manninen STYLE.MASTER

Based in Europe, Juha-Matti is a KEVIN.MURPHY STYLE.MASTER and educator who has delivered inspirational education to hairdressers in twenty-six different countries. He has also worked on endless Fashion Week events in Melbourne, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm to name just a few.

Respected for his innate creative flair, his work has been featured in publications such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, and he has also been involved in countless events for these publications. Film has also played a prominent role throughout his career and he is often called upon to work on hair direction for feature films throughout Finland.

Delighted to be part of the KEVIN.MURPHY creative team and committed to delivering educational programs internationally – Juha-Matti believes that the opportunity to teach is without question the most rewarding experience, and he loves the endless creativity and inspiration he receives from just being involved with such a high-level creative team.

Paz Bamrolia


Having been the ‘face’ of SESSION.SALON in the United Kingdom for several years, Paz has had an exciting journey with KEVIN.MURPHY. Starting out behind the chair, she soon realised that education was her path, and very quickly earned her teaching degree so that she could share her knowledge with others.

The KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON program was a turning point for Paz and she took the opportunity to become a KEY for the UK market, which then led her to become a STYLE.MASTER for Europe – where she continues to mentor and inspire KEYS all over the continent.

Passionate about cutting, colouring and styling – Paz has been part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team backstage for numerous Fashion Week events and has had the opportunity to introduce COLOR.ME into diverse markets including Armenia, Iceland and the United Kingdom. A dedicated ambassador for the brand, Paz lives and breathes KEVIN.MURPHY.

Iggy Popovic


Titolare e direttore artistico del suo atelier a Zagabria, in Croazia, Iggy si è diplomato come stilista di moda, è diventato make-up artist e ora è uno stimatissimo session stylist. Le collezioni di cui è direttore e produttore vengono esposte alla Fashion Week di Zagabria e il suo lavoro è stato pubblicato su riviste di bellezza e capelli in tutto il mondo.

Grazie alla passione che dedica al proprio lavoro, Iggy si è guadagnato numerose candidature e premi ed è diventato richiestissimo come formatore e platform artist. Viaggia in tutta l'Europa Centrale e Orientale e in Medio Oriente, invitato a condurre seminari, show e mostre per i marchi più noti nel settore dei capelli e della bellezza.


Henrik ha iniziato la carriera presso una prestigiosa catena di saloni in Finlandia ed è presto diventato formatore a livello nazionale per la stessa azienda e per numerosi marchi di spicco.

La sua passione per l'arte lo ha trasformato in platform artist richiestissimo sulla scena internazionale e ha tenuto seminari e show in tutta l'Europa, l'Asia e il Medio Oriente. Grazie a un'estetica creativa, Henrik si è ritagliato un suo spazio nel mondo delle session e delle passerelle, ha debuttato in televisione come session stylist fisso per Finnish Next Top Model, ha lavorato per numerosissimi show e dimostrazioni del settore, presentando tendenze, look e tecniche.

Nei ruoli di CUT.ME e COLOR.MASTER è in grado di offrire la serie completa dei corsi di taglio KEVIN.MURPHY e della COLOR.ME Academy. Ha contribuito alla preparazione del corso COLOR.ME LAB, uno dei suoi preferiti come istruttore per i colleghi coloristi.

Asia Pacifico

Janine Simons

Janine Simons COLOR.MASTER

Salon owner, Janine has over twenty years’ hairdressing experience under her belt and is a highly motivated educator. She is dedicated to helping other stylists develop and grow their hairdressing skills in order to gain broader opportunities throughout the industry.

Having delivered seminars, shows and education for major brands, Janine has over ten years’ experience educating and mentoring. She is also the director of two multi-award-winning salons with an international training academy.

Janine is endlessly excited to share her experience and love of the COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY brand with everyone she trains and inspires. Her approach to training and mentoring is holistic, with her aim being to help stylists define their personal path to success.


Con base a Auckland, Nuova Zelanda, Lauren Gunn è STYLE.MASTER di KEVIN.MURPHY, nota per i suoi meravigliosi lavori per editoriali e saloni. Dopo avere iniziato la carriera come tecnico del colore, è passata al ruolo di direttore creativo, intessendo relazioni con la comunità della moda neozelandese per consolidare la propria carriera, ma anche affiancare stylist emergenti nel mondo delle session.

Attraverso collaborazioni con i migliori designer, fotografi, musicisti e filmmaker del paese, Lauren crea look di tendenza per le migliori riviste e campagne pubblicitarie in assoluto, oltre che per le sfilate di moda.

Negli ultimi 10 anni è stata la forza motrice che ha dato vita alla maggior parte dei look della New Zealand Fashion Week e si è confermata una presenza fissa nei backstage di New York, dove mette a frutto la sua passione nel creare meravigliose acconciature lavorando con team di talento.

Lucy Iasenzaniro

Lucy Iasenzaniro STYLE.MASTER

Co-owner of Adelaide’s Belissimo Hair, Lucy Iasenzaniro, has been a STYLE.MASTER for KEVIN.MURPHY in South Australia for the past 7 years. Her resume covers all aspects of hairdressing – from being awarded the AHFA’s South Australian Hairdresser of the Year title in 2008, through to being part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team for countless fashion shows and shoots, where she has worked alongside Kevin and renowned photographers Troyt Coburn, Georges Antoni and Luis Murphy.

Lucy’s work has been published in both local and international magazines, including covers for Culture magazine, and she has judged numerous live hair competitions over the last two decades. A passionate educator, Lucy is fully committed to her role with KEVIN.MURPHY to deliver exceptional education to young stylists.

Mark started his career in 1995 with Toni and Guy in London, UK, at the age of 15. He began teaching by the age of 21. This is where Mark’s passion for education came to fruition. He got to work hands on, side by side with other stylists, assisting them to hone and perfect their craft.